I would like to thank the following people and groups for helping get GB7KH on air and making it stay that way!

First and foremost, Mike Parish for putting up with us operating the SES callsign GB0SNB for the past 20 years, giving us room for a shack, and agreeing to the repeater on site. The bunker is a museum open to the public and you are very much encouraged to visit – why not drop a QSL card into the canteen while you’re there?! It really helps us out if you visit the bunker, and leave a QSL card.

The people and companies listed below have lavished incredible amounts of time, money and effort:

  • Our friends in the fens, for their invaluable advice, help and support. Donation of antenna hardware and help sourcing feeder!
  • The MD and staff at Icom UK for negotiating a deal on the Icom repeater hardware.
  • Ben M0LGN and Onega Ltd for the immensely kind donation of a brand new server.
  • Paul G1DVA for the donation of a Procom duplexer (and Dave G4FKI for collecting).
  • Graham M0PAX et al. for help installing the antennas/feeders & hardware donations!
  • Rob M0VFC for his help and expertise with VPN configuration & antenna rigging!
  • Pete 2E0SQL for fixing networking issues with the new gateway PC.
  • Jon G4KLX for technical advice, as well as the MMDVM project.
  • Sam G4DDK for RF advice and UHF preamp hardware.
  • Darren G7LWT for helping with Icom’s G2 software.
  • Rob M0ZPU, Bill G8IAY and Rich GD3YEO for advice and information
  • The guys at the RSGB ETCC for their work in getting the licence issued.
  • Aaron VK3ABX/M0HUA
  • John 9H5G/M0IDA
  • Derek M0XDC
  • Paul M0PFX
  • Frank M1CPD
  • Stuart G0CBT
  • Gregory M6ORT
  • Martin G1YJH
  • Bill M0WJW

A HUGE thanks to all those involved!