GB7KH, Kelvedon Hatch D-STAR digital voice repeater, is located at the Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker, approximately 30 kilometres north east from central London where we also run special event station GB0SNB.

The repeater was licensed early February 2015, and went live on the 6 April 2015. The full story can be found on the repeater’s timeline page.

Please feel free to have a look around the site using the menu buttons above, or along the right hand side. Contact the keeper (George M1GEO) using the Contact Me page. You may also donate to the repeater’s upkeep using the Make a Donation page.  The Acknowledgements page recognises all those who have helped get GB7KH where it is today.



(31 Dec 2015) Repeater linking returned to normal.

(27 Dec 2015) Some loss of Internet connectivity today because of off-site server upgrades.

(12 Sept 2015) Rewiring parts of the Ethernet setup has resolved issues with poor gateway audio due to packet loss. Thanks to Rob M0VFC and Aaron VK3ABX for suggestions.

(23 August 2015) Work to shorten the feeder heliax by around 20 metres, improving both TX and RX performance. Extra filters added to help improve sensitivity.

(12 July 2015) The gateway controller was replaced to make sure that the system continues reliably.

(9 May 2015) Some improvements to the internal interconnects inside the repeater should improve the receiver sensitivity slightly.

(6 April 2015, evening) Repeater is installed into the bunker and placed into active service.

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