GB7KH, Kelvedon Hatch D-STAR digital voice repeater, is located at the Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker, approximately 30 kilometres north east from central London where we also run special event station GB0SNB.

The repeater was licensed early February 2015, and went live on the 6 April 2015. The full story can be found on the repeater’s timeline page.

August 2016 saw a new stage in GB7KH’s service; on 21 July 2016 we were issued with a multi-mode NoV covering D-Star, DMR (CC/3, BrandMiester network) and Yaesu System Fusion, and the hardware for this is well underway. Once it has been determined stable enough for operation, the Mk2 repeater will go into service. Watch this space.

Please feel free to have a look around the site using the menu buttons above, or along the right hand side. Contact the keeper (George M1GEO) using the Contact Me page. You may also donate to the repeater’s upkeep using the Make a Donation page.  The Acknowledgements page recognises all those who have helped get GB7KH where it is today.



(21 Jul 2016) GB7KH issued with multi-mode NoV, covering D-Star, DMR (CC/3, BrandMiester network) and Yaesu System Fusion.


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